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Ace VPN – VPN consumer review – 12137
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In 2011-01-19 12:14:00

Excellent VPN service. I've been using them for nearly a year. Great speeds, a variety of countries to choose from, unlimited switching of servers (that any provider would charge for switching servers I find to be ridiculous), iPhone support, OpenVPN, PPTP, and a good price. The only thing I haven't liked is that they've created a $120/annual "Ultimate VPN" plan, which became the top plan (replacing the $55/annual "Premium VPN" plan"). They used to allow torrents on the Premium plan, but now you have to to pay more than 2x as much for that. As part of that, they've moved a few countries out of the Premium plan, making them now only available in the Ultimate plan. That said, the Ultimate plan pricing is still in line with much of the rest of the industry offering a similar level of service. Based on my experience with a few different providers, I would highly recommend Ace VPN.