The TuVPN giveaway – Experience the performance

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010 at 3:19 pm

TuVPN have decided to let some lucky new customers experience the performance of our VPN network…..for FREE!

On Friday the 15th October…this coming Friday!….TuVPN is releasing a promo code on our twitter page. Follow us on tuvpnenglish!

You can use this promo code to sign up on TuVPN for a FREE 1 month DEDICATED VPN IP account.

We will be giving away 20 FREE accounts – 10 accounts with a US IP address (Chicago server), and 10 accounts with a UK IP address (London server).

It will be ‘FIRST IN, FIRST SERVED’, so keep a close eye on tuvpnenglish tweets for the release of the promo codes on Friday 15th!

TuVPN – the serious VPN network, where performance and customer care are the only things that matter.