OverPlay add ultra-high speed Ukrainian VPN server

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011 at 4:20 pm

Never the type to sit around on our perch as the world’s premier VPN provider, we’re in a server expansion phase again. It’s therefore our proud to present our very first Ukrainian VPN server.

As always, access to this server is included in our single monthly subscription of just $9,95/month (with discounts available for longer, one-off, payments!). Simply sign up here… download our incredible, award winning OverPlayVPN application… and get connected – as easy as that!

Located in Odessa, and featuring 26Gbit of internet connectivity, the VPN server is housed in one of the Ukraine’s best connected datacenter – meaning more bandwidth for you! Connect whenever you like, with no data transfer limits, ground-breaking support, and all backed up by our peerless 48hour refund policy.