iVPN.net Announces Secure, Anonymous Surfing VPN Service

Monday, November 29th, 2010 at 12:01 pm

iVPN.net, a leading provider of online privacy, today announced its VPN Service Solution for secure, anonymous surfing, aimed towards individuals concerned with protecting their privacy online and those in locations where free access to websites is restricted.

Using a Private VPN from iVPN.net, users are able to surf the web anonymously via a highly encrypted data tunnel without risk of intrusion or exposing sensitive information to third parties.

The encryption deployed by iVPN.net follows the interoperability testing and certification requirements by the U.S. Department of Defense for all IT equipment that attaches to U.S. defense networks.

In addition to providing completely anonymous surfing, the encryption completely defuses attacks by information-stealing programs such as Firesheep, that are able to capture usernames, passwords, e-mails and other private information from computers connected to public Wi-Fi hotspots.

iVPN.net builds on the most secure open-source software available. Our technology provides an unparalleled degree of privacy and anonymity so that users can surf without having to worry about exposing information to a 3rd party,” says Aynat Renu, CTO

The VPN Service from iVPN.net bypasses filters and unblocks websites in countries restricted by censorship such as China and several countries in the Middle East, so that users can conduct business safely and securely. In addition, internet service providers and other parties are prevented from collecting and harvesting private data for resale, for instance to marketing agencies.

iVPN.net was established in 2009 by a group of security information professionals increasingly concerned about Internet privacy. Using sophisticated Multihop VPN technology, the engineers designed a VPN service that chains two or more servers in different geographical jurisdictions to significantly enhance users’ anonymity. The VPN Service from iVPN.net also supports port forwarding which is commonly used by many Internet enabled applications.

In addition to providing an industry leading VPN Service, iVPN.net is backed by in-house live support 7 days a week on its website.

“We are proud to provide a personal user experience which is both fast and designed to solve problems. The support organization that talks to customers, are the same people that engineered our private VPN network and technology, ensuring that customers get the best possible support at any given time.” says Aynat Renu, Chief Technology Officer.