Anonine releases new site and VPN service!

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010 at 10:18 pm

After a long time planning we have finally launched Anonine v2.0! With this, we deliver a whole new site to make it easier for our customers and a brand new VPN service, OpenVPN.
OpenVPN is a stronger VPN tunnel and comes with a 2048bit encryption, but this does not limit the VPN service for it, we still have no speed or traffic restrictions in the VPN service.

Right now, you get 1 month free if you pay for a month OpenVPN account for only 50SEK. Of course you can run both OpenVPN and PPTP if you feel like it.

For our existing customers, we have also created the possibility of switching to OpenVPN. If you have between 2-6 months PPTP you can exchange it for one month OpenVPN and if you have more than six months PPTP you may change it to 3 months of OpenVPN. One can of course continue to run PPTP and still order OpenVPN if you feel like it.

We hope that our VPN services deliver an even higher standard than what they do today because of this refreshing re-build, and we hope that you report any faults or bugs you may find.