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WiTopia – VPN consumer review – 13035
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In 2011-03-10 14:36:00

I have been using Witopia for the past 1 year and 6 months from China. I have had a mainly positive experience, except for the one time there was a bug in the ticketing system that caused my ticket to get lost. After I contacted support again, everything was worked out to my resolution. Every time there has been an issue when the Chinese government has affected VPN service, Witopia has been prompt in handling my issue. Tonight, I had the pleasure to deal with Shirin. The connectivity issue was dealt with in a matter of minutes, and the whole experience was really good. I plan on sticking with Witopia until my contract with them signs out, and then I plan on re-upping for another year. Witopia has excellent customer service, excellent server uptime, and an incredibly large amount of servers to connect to. I am able to do streaming video along with using Steam. Overall, an enjoyable experience. Brian