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WiTopia – VPN consumer review – 12992
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In 2011-02-27 03:27:00

Hello Martin, Sorry if we let you down somehow. Since it looks like you were previously thrilled with us a month ago and we helped you configure your network to stream video from multiple sources, this is extremely unfortunate. It appears you had an issue with performance. I'm not sure whether you started out with 2Mbps as the promised speed from your ISP or that was while encrypted, etc. but an Internet speed issue with or without the VPN, adding in live video streams, and a wi-fi connection to boot can have multiple and complex causes. We do invest heavily in support to maintain 24x7x365 chat, but it sounds like the complexity involved here would have been better served in our email ticket system where we can gather logs, traceroutes, pings, and other network information and look it over a bit before we start making recommendations as each one can have drawbacks to other performance factors. Also, Internet speed issues can also often resolve on their own as it could be an issue with peering congestion between you and the WiTopia network, an issue with the video source itself, wi-fi interference, need to reboot your router, pc, the cloakbox, etc. If Marc was rude in suggesting that we move the issue to an email ticket, I assure you it is not the norm for him or our company's support team. He actually tends to receive very good feedback from customers. In any event, I'm sorry you decided to leave us and I do hope you find something that better suits your needs. Bill