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WiTopia – VPN consumer review – 12906
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In 2011-02-20 14:10:00

I just cancelled my subscription to Witopia. My connection speeds dropped from 2mbs to 0.6mbs so i decided to use the online chat service I did like last time to talk to technical support. I was served by this guy called Marc who told me to send an email to support. When I asked him, if thats the case whats the point of having online chat, he said it was for other matters. And then he was extremely rude and condescending, very different from my previous experience witopia where i was served by shirin and jennifer. Anyway this was a total surprise. Maybe they having problems and the guy is about to lose his job. I dont really care but I'll take my business elsewhere. There are plenty of other VPN providers out there. I would think twice before subscribing to Witopia