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WiTopia – VPN consumer review – 11491
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In 2010-12-22 06:53:22

Hello, I am such a happy camper with WiTopia! I am telling all my friends about their excellent VPN service! Not to mention, the customer service is simply outstanding (especially Paul) Every single day I am able to watch the 24-hour commercial free UK BBC News via one of their UK servers (I like the London TLS Server). On top of it, the reception is fabulous, and when I watch it on my large-screen TV, it almost appears as if it was a channel on my cable service! Also, I am able to watch the famous commercial free 24-hour BBC World News and Bloomberg via one of your European servers! I can’t believe that for less than $6 a month I pay for WiTopia VPN, I get these fantastic channels. While Internet TV is a growing phenomena with the likes of Google TV, LiveStation, Kylo, Roku, you cannot get some channels like BBC UK without a nice VPN service such as WiTopia! I give them 5 stars all the way!