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WiTopia – VPN consumer review – 11300
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In 2010-12-12 16:40:46

I would like to thank everyone at Witopia for an excellent buy, install and operating experience. It has now been 2 months since I began using the service and I feel my review can now be made on practical experience. I am new to the VPN concept and did much reading on the topic and on the many providers. I tried two of the free services to gain some experience in order to make a more informed purchase decision. To be honest, after those 2 experiences, I was afraid that companies that provided a VPN solution for a fee would not be that much different from the free services (dropped connections or no connection and slooow speeds) and so approached this purchase with a bit of apprehension. It is not just the money, and Witopia earns HIGH marks for a fee structure that is amazingly fair and reasonable, but I was concerned that if my first pick didn't meet my needs that it would take a lot of my time and a number of unpleasant hassles to find a worthwhile service. I COULD NOT HAVE MADE A BETTER CHOICE THAN WITOPIA. What a relief to see NO CHANGE to my connection speed. I know that there is overhead that slows things down a bit, but from a practical view, on Witopia you don't see it as a user of the system. And connecting/disconnecting is a breeze as is the overall install and launch process thanks to very clear and well presented documentation. For those who are serious about their security while on the internet, a solid, reliable VPN service is a mandatory requirement (in my opinion) and I cannot imagine a better product or better overall user experience than that provided by Witopia. Thanks everyone!!