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WiTopia – VPN consumer review – 10750
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Pum Rice
In 2010-11-13 18:31:08

Product Review. My Experience With VPN We live in Mexico and have problems with our ISP blocking and throttling things. Mexico is a land of government control and monopolies. We are very limited on choices, quality and service here because of this. Since there is no competition, Prodigy of Mexico has no reason to update their servers or equipment. After some searching, I found 2 different VPN (Virtual Private Network) companies. I am reporting this as a customer experience and am not paid for this review. The first company was Golden Frog. I took their premium service with 3 types of connection. After several days of trying to get a good install and connect with all 3 types of connection, I finally gave up. I had repeated contact with them. It took days to get a response. In the spirit of Bill Gates, Their solution was to uninstall/ reinstall. I sent error codes and diagnostic logs to support. There was no response. In frustration, I asked to cancel my account and give me a refund. Their response was “No refund ”. I was accused of not trying and not co operating. At this writing, this situation is still pending and has been escalated. The second company is Witopia, ( ) I found this company easy to deal with, lower prices, simple download and install and it works. On top of all that, there is a money back guarantee. Communication with them is answered in hours, sometimes minutes and they are every helpful. If you are needing VPN to cloak your isp or for other reasons, as a happy customer, I highly recommend Witopia.