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Watchuktv review – 10142
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John Gradwell
In 2010-10-06 01:56:29

I live in Brazil and need personal VPN from time to time. Especially when I am using Hotel connections. This is also true when I am in Europe.I have been using for more than 6 months now with very few problems. I was disappointed with the speed from time to time, especially in the UK morning, when I was in London recently, but this could easily have been the Hotel ISP, the hotel had over 900 guests. I had a couple of Support issues and had outstanding support on a regular basis. I dropped my previous VPN provider because their support was crap. I am now back in Brazil and the VPN service from Brazil has been good. The Support continues to be outstanding and I have just renewed my 6 month subscription. I recommend the VPN service to anybody who needs VPN, now if we can only get the prices Hotels charge for Internet Connection down!!!......Perfect World! Thanks guys.