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VyprVPN – VPN consumer review – 12266
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In 2011-01-25 04:43:00

Stay away from GoldenFrog as a vpn provider without giganews. Absolutely the worst costumer experience ever and since they're based out of Austin Tx or grand caymans good luck at actually taking to a living person. There is no address, no phone number no nothing when you need to question them as to what they're doing with your CC information without activating their service Their 24/7 C.S. is B.S. It's simply an intelligent auto response or a non English speaking CS drone and will give you this response when confused" Sorry for the inconvenience, I have escalated this issue to a manager, they will get back to you as soon as they have had time to research this issue. Usually, you can expect a response within the next few business days. Thank you for your patience." I have received this message 3 times. Maybe vyprvpn is a good service when backed up by a heavy hitter like giganews but as a independent company their awful.