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VPNtunnel – VPN consumer review – 13865
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In 2011-12-31 13:52:00

I do not agree with you, and I might actually go as far as to say that I suspect something in your configuration must have been set up wrong? - Using linux/mac/pc ? - The latest updated version of Tunnelblick or some other openVPN software? - Properly forwarded your router? - Firewalls allowing your VPN software to run properly? - Contacted vpntunnel support? Above is not meant in any offensive way :) I am very very positive about this VPN provider, they promise 99.7% uptime, and they are living up to that promise. Very cheap and easy to use! A couple of my friends are having a little trouble using the VPN software they provide for Windows, but an alternative solution works great :) Very much recommended!