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VPNSecure – VPN consumer review – 14246
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In 2012-07-23 22:20:00

 I've been using VPNSecure for over six months now and I LOVE everything about it. The speed is excellent. Netflix Instant no longer re-adjusts or has to re-buffer on my Xbox like it used to when going through Time Warner. (I'm assuming Time Warner must do some kind of throttling during peak hours...) I also play a decent amount of online video games and haven't had any issues. Additionally, the technical support these guys provide is simply amazing. They've worked with me on multiple occasions to get my router setup just right and performing at optimal levels. I almost feel guilty that they provide this level of personal assistance at such a low monthly price! I would HIGHLY recommend this service. Just to note, I've been using this service mostly with OpenVPN under DD-WRT, at the router level, so all of my traffic is routed through the VPN on any device in the house.