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TuVPN – VPN consumer review – 13534
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In 2011-06-22 07:58:00

TUVPN is the worst VPN provider for China. I've been here for 8+ years, by the way. They are basically stupid! Why? Their site is blocked here in China, yet they send mail which necessitates that you go to their site; Catch 22! I asked them various times to set up a site, only costs US$4 for a dot net domain, for China users. They just ignored me and us. In order to access their site you need a working VPN. So you have to subscribe to another VPN to get through the China Firewall in order to get to their site = stupid. I changed to another VPN that is just awesome and cheap, they have a VPN app you can download that will never be blocked by the China Firewall, but even better still their domain name doesn't 'vpn" in it so the Chinese can't/don't filter that. It's not Witopia but they have a site just for China users that doesn't have their name of "vpn" in the url. Now that's called proactive; not TUVPN!  But still Witopia got blocked. I'm not going to give you the name of the awesome provider but I will give you a hint and you can guess it; too much play!