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TuVPN review – 224
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In 2010-08-25 09:53:38

I have tried out several free vpn services. If I have to use the vpn service for a temporary period of time, I’m fine going with the free vpn service but if I want to use the vpn continuously, then I think I must go for a dedicated commercial vpn service. There are a lot of commercial paid vpn services that it’s very difficult to choose from any one of them. I had heard about tuvpn to be very good so I decided to give it a try because they give a full money back guarantee. So if I’m not satisfied, I can get a refund of my money. The first advantage which drove me to try tuvpn was the diversity of their servers. They have server locations available in United Kingdom, United States, Netherlands, Romania, Switzerland, Spain and Luxembourg. The second reason of try tuvpn is that they offer PPTP and OpenVPN accounts with the same account and it’s so easy to use their service. When I signed up, I was given a username and a password which I could use with the built in Windows client. I can connect to any of the servers that I have mentioned above but for a generic connection I can use as my server. TUVPN claims that they don’t log any traffic to and from our systems and the bandwidth is unlimited too. The disadvantage came in when I wanted to use the same connection with my iphone and the laptop. TUVPN lets you connect only one device at a time. I wish I could get atleast two devices connected with the same account. When I connected to TUVPN network via, I went to and saw my location details. I’m automatically connected to and my real ip address is completely hidden now making me virtually invisible on the internet. Let me try to download a file and see the speed of download. I have a 1MBps commection at home and I am trying to download the latest Kaspersky 2011 product. The speed is almost equal to 1MBps meaning that if I have a faster internet connection, I can have a faster download with tuvpn connected. I’m completely satisfied with the painless setup and seamless browsing and downloading with TUVPN. Now comes the pricing, usually TUVPN costs $11 per month but with the coupon code 1M005, the first month becomes $7 so that the service can be tried with $7 with money back guarantee.