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Relakks review – 10082
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In 2010-09-30 15:56:25

I used this VPN-Provider for about 1 year. And there aren’t any things to complain about. I was quite content with this provider. The speed was really ok… download about 3.000kbit/s… and the upload speed was higher than the one of my ISP… my ISP upload speed was about 336kbit/s… so with relakks I had full upload speed. I didn’t experienced that the server was down quite often. During this 1 year it happend 3-4 times. And the price is more than affordable. I have never used the support as I have never needed it. Nonetheless I give them 5 stars. When the PPTP bug was discovered concerning IPv6 they informed all members immediately on their website. By and large everything was really great… and it was a reliable provider for me.