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PureVPN review – 10094
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In 2008-12-17 16:44:41

Hi, PureVPN did not work at first for me, because I missed an auto install feature in the email I received after my order was processed. I tried a manual setup, and the options I encountered in XP Pro were different than expected. As a result, the service did not work. I tried some tech support suggestions, but the app never worked. I gave up and forgot about it. A couple of weeks later, I decided to email PureVPN to be certain that I would not be re-billed. A guy named Uzair followed up with me and assured me about the billing not being automatic. He asked to see the error messages and see what went wrong on my install. I sent him some text files of the error messages and he said that I had missed the auto-install option. I tried that with a trial username and password that he emailed me, and PureVPN hooked right up and stayed connected. Uzair gave me a free month because of the failed installation, [my fault]. I am using PureVPN right now and have been doing so daily for about a week at T-Mobile Hotspots and libraries as well as at home. I have had 2 brief disconnects. The last one was due to the laptop battery dying. The service starts almost instantly, seems to have a minimal impact on system resources, and simply works all the time, every time I have used Hotspot Shield [HSS] for 3 years. It has become ad-laden and buggy to start. Many times it will not start and stay started. Many library routers wont allow it through. PureVPN routes well so far, and is very reliable. I have also used Relakks for about a year with more recent success than HSS; but it still does not always start and remain connected. PureVPN does.both quite well. I can now say that PureVPN is the best of the VPN apps that I have tried to date. They have worked with me when I screwed things up. They charge a reasonable fee. The service I received from Uzair was very gratifying to me as a consumer. I highly recommend this product. It does take a day or so to get the executable by email once payment has been made. It is not instant gratification; but the performance and follow up have been all that I could ask for and more. Sincerely [and not a PureVPN employee], RAC