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Proxy Services – VPN consumer review – 13725
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In 2011-09-21 20:20:00

Based on the comment below by eliteerny I bought a AVS CC (to  be loaded with US$200.--) from them. Total US$235.--. That was 37 hours ago. I paid for the AVS CC with my credit card. Right after the purchase, I opened a high-priority support ticket (as per their sales page) to give them the name and and address to link to the card. After 1hr and 8 minutes, one of their staff responded that the information would be delivered to my email address within 12-24 hours. Not bad I thought. And I responded that it was OK. But I haven't heard from them ever since. I asked for a status update after 29 hours had passed since my payment. To which I got no response. 7 hours after that (36 hours total had passed) I gave them an ultimatum of 1 hour to deliver the card details, or else I will comment in here, report this to Start-VPN, and file an IC3 complaint. I still do not have the card information, they do not respond at all. Not in the support ticket. Not by email. You can view the anonymized support ticket here: Going to file an IC3 complaint right now. Just before going to, I checked the support ticket one last time. And while I was typing this message, they sent me the details for the AVS CC. Together with some lies, which I directly pointed out to them. They must have taken action because of what I wrote what I would do. I asked for confirmation of the address linked to the AVS CC, and again no reply. Updated ticket here: