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ibVPN review – 71
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Reimo - Germany
In 2010-07-06 14:24:02

Invisible browsing VPN service got my attention. First up, their prices are good. They have different servers like US, UK, NL and DE. They have different free account giveaways, which is very nice. The good part is that even if you aren’t a big computer geek, the guides on the site will definitely help you out with connecting to the VPN on many different devices. The support is very good too. The speeds are good. I tried it with my iPad and ABC player worked very well. BUT DON’T TRY ANY “PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN STUFF“. (don’t try do to anything illegal) The point of this service is very good, even noble if I’d say. To sum it up, if you want to use VPN. Go to Invisible browsing VPN. I recommend it, because I have used it, even at the very moment.