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Location: Romania
Founded: 2010
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IbVPN is owned by Amplusnet SRL. Our first privacy and anonymity project started in 2003 by offering proxy services. After several years of continuous research and development we began offering VPN services here, on ibVPN was created to increase online anonymity not only when browsing, but also when using different types of web applications or services. It can be used on a large variaty of operating systems, including Windows, MacOs, iOS and Android.


IP Address Features: IP Shared (dynamic)

Protocols Features: L2TP/IPSec, OPENVPN, PPTP, SSTP

Speed & Transfer Features: Unlimited Transfer, Unrestricted Speed

Server Locations Features: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Romania, Sweden, Russia, Hong Kong, Spain, Italy, Panama, Turkey, Australia, Egypt, Finland, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, Poland, India, Austria, Czech, Hungary, Iceland, Norway, Bulgaria, Belgium, Saudi Arabia and Brasil

Platform Supported: Android, iPad, iPhone, Linux, Mac, Web-Based, Windows

Language Supported: English


Support Method: Email, Faq, Live Chat

Support Language: English

Editions & Pricing

Offer Number: 8 plans

Price (monthly): Starting at $4.95

Free Trial (days): 6 hours

Moneyback Guarantee (days): 15 days


03.05.2012: ibVPN replaced its French server
01.30.2012: ibVPN exclusive offer for Start VPN: 25% discount promotion
07.27.2011: ibVPN adds a new mean of payment
07.01.2011: IbVPN offers 50% discount!
03.03.2011: Multiple VPN connections launched today
12.24.2010: Christmas promotion
12.17.2010: France server added
11.11.2010: New server added in Netherland
10.28.2010: OpenVPN is now included
10.25.2010: OpenVPN will coming soon
09.20.2010: Payments via Liberty Reserve are now accepted
09.06.2010: New servers from US and UK added
08.16.2010: Ireland server added
08.10.2010: Server from Canada, just been added
05.20.2010: German server replaced

User reviews

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  • eric – United-Kingdom

    I chose ibVPN after much research and any questions I had before signing up were answered immediately via the live chat. The customer service was immaculate and I have never had a problem connecting and speeds are always stable. I signed up for the Premium US VPN to be anonymous in England with the Netherlands IP and to watch the US TV show on and Excellent and cheap!!!

  • Songwei – China

    I used to experience temporary gmail outages as a regular thing, and there was nothing to do but wait. Now I punch the ibVPN icon and within 10 seconds I’m able to connect with no problem. Wikipedia loads in a small fraction of the time vs without ibVPN, and Facebook and Youtube were totally unavailable but now at my fingertips. I loaded my settings on my iPhone too, very easy, and as long as I only use one device at a time they’re both terrific.

  • Eelke – Netherland

    I won the free NL lifetime account and I can’t say anything but a biiiggg “Thank you, guys”. It helps me a lot while I an travelling outside NL. No problems until yet. Great speed…and I got it for free :)

  • Philippe – France

    Bon abonnement, la vitesse pourrait être plus grande, mais c’est pas mauvais quand même. Je le recommande avec une IP située aux US. Cet abonnement VPN est super pour regarder les sites comme,, abc, fox…

  • Dan – USA

    I use ibVPN everyday, I would recommend it to anyone. It is the best VPN service for the cheapest price, you really cant beat it.

  • Reimo – Germany

    Invisible browsing VPN service got my attention. First up, their prices are good. They have different servers like US, UK, NL and DE. They have different free account giveaways, which is very nice. The good part is that even if you aren’t a big computer geek, the guides on the site will definitely help you out with connecting to the VPN on many different devices. The support is very good too.

    The speeds are good. I tried it with my iPad and ABC player worked very well. BUT DON’T TRY ANY “PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN STUFF“. (don’t try do to anything illegal) The point of this service is very good, even noble if I’d say.

    To sum it up, if you want to use VPN. Go to Invisible browsing VPN. I recommend it, because I have used it, even at the very moment.

  • Ryan

    The service is strictly PPTP and not SSL, which I suppose is both a pro and a con. From my experience PPTP is faster and easier to setup as services go, but is easier to get blocked.

    And blocked I think is exactly what happened with the initial setup I was using with the service. ibVPN allows you to use various different gateways (3 US, 2 UK, 1 DE and 1 NL). I slapped the first US gateway into my settings and tried to connect — no go. Not a great start for my review. Not easily dissuaded, especially when the reward is funny cat videos, I gave the second US gateway a try — worked great.

    Youtube videos were loading decently fast, and I could login to Facebook and Twitter no problem and with no noticeable VPN lag. After a few days though, I suddenly started getting this error on Facebook. So, with one gateway completely inaccessible, and the other gateway’s IP being blocked by Facebook, I loaded up the third and final US gateway. Fortunately it’s been working a treat for the last few days, with no problems at all.

    ibVPN’s pricing is about on par with the industry, and if anything a bit cheaper than some of the other VPNs I’ve looked at — likely due to the fact that they only offer PPTP. For access to either the US- or UK-based gateways, it will set you back about $20 USD for half a year, and they throw in the Netherlands gateway for free. For an additional $17 you can have access to all the gateways (US, UK, DE and NL).

    Generally a decent service at a decent price. I’m a little nervous about the inaccessibility of the first US gateway, and Facebook’s blocking of the second’s IP, but results are results and as it stands at the time of this review, I am able to quickly and easily get on all the sites and have them operate with satisfactory, or better than satisfactory results.

    Another bonus is that they offer monthly, quarterly and semi-annually payment options — which makes it the perfect service for anyone visiting China in the short-term for travel, teaching ESL or a business trip.

  • David

    Whoever you may be in the geek world, there’s always a time when you want to get access to content that strictly speaking you shouldn’t be allowed to get to.

    By this I mean of course if you live in the UK, all the lovely TV that appears on ABC or Hulu, and if your stateside, all the goodness of good old Aunty Beeb. The way the internet is structured though, means that your geographical location is checked, and if your not living in the right country, you’re not allowed in!

    Many people who don’t happen to live in the source country, may have a genuine right of access. The may be merely on holiday, or working abroad for a period of time.

    Is there a solution?

    In fact there are a couple. the first one I tried was something called an anonymous proxy served up by a programme called Hotspot Shield. This can work (sometimes), but is hampered by very poor bandwidth, and is plagued by pop up ads. One of the major flaws is that many content providers are wise to this method, and block its IP address.

    The second method uses something called a VPN (Virtual Private Network). This is used in the main by corporate users who want to allow their employees access to their servers, but only by making them adhere to their policies and rules, and of course free from any external nasties.

    This technology is now available for the good of the common geek to access their favourite TV shows! There are many commercial offerings, and a couple of free ones albeit with a very limited service. I think though after extensive research and a couple of weeks of use, I can recommend ibVPN.

    There is NO setup fee. For $4.95 a month you get a choice of either US or UK access plus a free dutch one. For $7.95 you can have the lot! Setup is easy, although the Mac guide was out of date. I have published an updated setup guide below. The bonus for me was, that because there is no software to install, it works a treat on an iPhone and iPad. A guide for this is also below.

    In terms of bandwidth, there seemed to be no issues. I watched several shows on Hulu though my Mac Mini, and from the iPad app for ABC with no stuttering or pauses whatsoever. If you are worried about the internet police catching up with you they guarantee anominity. The only caveat to this service is that you do not use P2P or torrent sites. I haven’t tried it, but I assume those ports are closed.

  • jeremy

    The network seems to function, i am using a UK IP address and can see BBC i-Player content for example, however, Facebook and YouTube, although quoted in the advertising material, and my main motivation for spending money on this service, do not work. Tech support is slow and not useful. the real skill of this company is in placing its adverts all over Chinese websites, not in providing any kind of service to people living in China. I want my money back but I wonder how long that will take.

  • Chem

    my experience with the one I use,

    I checked the net and compared a few VPN services. There are loads out there and they all offer the same service when it comes to the crunch. One thing I did like about was the fact that you have multiple servers on their full package. They include UK, USA, CA, DE, IE and NL. They also don’t allow P2P and torrents which is a good thing in my book. I never use P2P so its not an issue. will set up a free 1 day trial if you request it and it gives you access to all of their VPN servers. I got an email about 6 hours after requesting the trial and I was up an running quickly thanks to OSX on the Mac being so easy to set up VPN access.

    Another good point is that their support is excellent. Replies are quick and in my case sympathetic. What went wrong? Well I’ll tell you… use Plimus as their payment provider. I don’t have a major issue with them other than they verify payments with phone calls, their support for the paying customer is slow, it’s difficult to get in contact with them, they take ages (around 17 hours) to tell you your payment has failed even though you use a verified PayPal account and I wont go on. This is not bad news as I have found how to get your payment authenticated with Plimus instantly. Call them, it’s as simple as that. Make a Skype call as it will only cost pence and use their automated system to verify your payment. There was me expecting a call for 2 days and I could have verified this instantly. Third time lucky as they say. Anyway, enough whinging about Plimus.

    There is little to say about other that it works. It works very well and I can switch between servers easily on my Mac. I also have the VPN setup on my iPod Touch and iPad. They all work without a problem. The only issues I have had is connecting to the DE server over the last few days but it is fine now.

    Various services I use are all fine, web, Usenet, email, etc. I can get full speed (4Mbit) if I download off Usenet with SSL.

    Now all my access can be secure to my destinations while on a free network. I can check my mail without giving out my passwords and I can browse anonymously. There is an added benefit to using the multiple servers and that is accessing blocked servers. In the UK we can’t watch shows on but switch on your VPN to one of the three US servers and you can. It’s not my reason for getting VPN but if there is nothing to watch locally you can just tune in to a US site.

    The cost of is also good. You can access all servers, one at a time, over a 3 month period for just $19.95 or about £13. Pay for 6 months and it’s even cheaper. The small cost certainly pays for the added security peace of mind and the access to other countries blocked sites is a bonus.

  • Yan

    Price, price, price is the main reason I choose my vpn, all the vpns‘ perform almost same at the peak time, just acceptable!

    So I used ibvpb and Fbvpn, which price around USD 5/month. Really don’t wanna pay more on I recommend these two.

  • masabo

    Everything I wanted to say has been previously noted. The most I can add is that ipVPN rocks! Moreover, ipVPN has my vote of trust and my approval.

  • Hoogy

    At the risk of sounding like a fanboi, I can’t fault this service, both the PPTP and OPENVPN work well for me. Haven’t had any issues with speed or ease of use/setup.
    When I’ve contacted support both live & via email with questions they were responsive & helpful.
    Pricing is good, don’t see other more expensive services being any better.

    Major plus point is the fact NL privacy law supports the not keeping of activity logs – unlike the US where logs have to be accessible even if only for a short time.
    The point being that if one is paying for privacy, for whatever reason, then one should be getting it.

    I can honestly say this service has provided me with the service it promises on its’ site.

  • CharlesDERr

    I’m very happy with their VPN service, however, sometimes the service provided through the canadian servers is quite slow when streaming video on CTV.

  • Thibaut

    I first signed up to a VPN service from a different provider and had constant problems, despite their support the problems could not be resolved over several weeks. I decided to change, and signed up with ibVPN.
    What a world of difference. The connection is always made first time, is fast and very reliable. This is what really matters. In addition, they offer a variety of options, and a very clear and helpful website. I couldn’t be happier.

  • DimitriD

    I can recommend using ibVPN. I have used it for the past three months and just made a renewal.

    I trust the privacy the vpn-connection gives. The connection is made quick in 95% of the times. Just sometimes you have to make some effort for a connection. (I use the UK-servers) but, when the connection is active, it is stable and fast. Not always fast enough for viewing HD-video. The buffers can’t keep up, but for good almost HD-video it is very good. I think the service is well worth the money, paying for it is simple and save via Paypal. This is a service you can count for.

  • Marius Pop

    I’ve been using ibVPN three months now – their 7.95$ premium package. Great speed most of times, great service and a fair price. I definitely recommend them.   recommend them.  

  • Emily Hoffmann

    After trying many free offerings out there without reliability, i turned to ibvpn. I found the set up fairly easy with the instructions provided and managed to be up and running using openvpn within about 10 minutes. The speed seems as good as without connection via the server (about 3meg). Only ever had one instance to contact the technical team after 12 mths of service and their reply was within the hour!

    For the money (5 dollars for uk&ie servers), we are more than happy and can now watch our beloved uk tv shows.

  • Jacob

    ibVPN was the first vpn service i used. The installation was quick and easy. It provides a good VPN service although i had some issue with its reliability for some short period of time.

  • AdalardMatchh

    Being away from Britain can be hard and without my beloved iPlayer it’s even harder. Thanks to god I found the VPN solution named ibVPN.

    I use the Premium UK package to access the iPlayer, 4oD, ITV player and so on here in Germany. The setup via openVPN is very easy due to the detailed installation guides. Speed is great and more than enough even for the HD programmes.

    Can’t find any reason not to recommend ibVPN.

  • AdalardMatchh

    Being away from Britain can be hard and without my beloved iPlayer it’s even harder. Thanks to god I found the VPN solution named ibVPN.

    I use the Premium UK package to access the iPlayer, 4oD, ITV player and so on here in Germany. The setup via openVPN is very easy due to the detailed installation guides. Speed is great and more than enough even for the HD programmes.

    Can’t find any reason not to recommend ibVPN.

  • AdalardMatchh

    Being away from Britain can be hard and without my beloved iPlayer it’s even harder. Thanks to god I found the VPN solution named ibVPN.

    I use the Premium UK package to access the iPlayer, 4oD, ITV player and so on here in Germany. The setup via openVPN is very easy due to the detailed installation guides. Speed is great and more than enough even for the HD programmes.

    Can’t find any reason not to recommend ibVPN.

  • MasticP

    Très bon service vpn pour un petit prix. Idéal pour masquer son identité ;-) ibVPN est une valeur sûr. Je vous recommande ce fournisseur VPN.

  • Barna Szoke

    Please update your review, because they have added new servers/locations. They offer 6 hours free trial and they have 15 days money back guarantee. I am a subscriber for the 4th month now and i’m very satisfied with them, especially with the ibDNS service which allows me to watch Netflix & Hulu with the full bandwidth of my ISP.

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