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HideIpVPN review – 182
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In 2010-08-17 09:27:38

As a British guy spending large portions of the year out of the UK and an avid believer in unencumbered use of the internet, I was delighted to stumble across “HideIP VPN” whilst searching for an affordable UK proxy server to enable me to watch British TV and follow the fast approaching Formula 1 GP season live, with English commentary. Anyone who has been down this route will know that it is inevitably doomed to failure, as in the unlikely event of finding a working UK based proxy which is not painfully slow due to being overloaded, the chances are that it would disappear in a very short time, leaving you to search again, reconfigure your connection etc. Enter HideIP VPN, This appears to be a relatively young organisation in this field, and my research leads me to believe that they are conducting their affairs in a very responsible way. By limiting their monthly quota of new account subscriptions to numbers well within the capacity of their servers and calmly following a program of increased server capacity in accordance with the increasing demand for accounts, this organisation are not going to become swamped. I am convinced that these people will be around for a very long time. I visited their website although I was rather sceptical until I had spent a little time reading what they had to say on what is a delightfully simple, straight forward site devoid of bells, whistles, popups or any other form of annoying advertising. One is greeted with a simple home page with basic information and well described links which are easy for anyone to follow. The top of the page shows your individual IP address and location beneath which there are three tabs to open the three basic essentials, labelled ‘Free VPN’ (US & UK) – ‘Premium’ (US – UK – Germany & Canada) and Howto, which contains clear instructions and screenshots for setting up the connection for your chosen package on your chosen Operating System. These tutorials are refreshingly simple to follow, there is no software to install and no fiddly configuration to perform, and yes!!! one of the tabs is ‘FreeVPN’ although inline with their controls of quality and subscription quantities, these are strictly limited in number, which is not a problem as the paid subscriptions are very affordable. I was sent my username and password almost instantly and was soon up and running on both my desktop,(XP Pro - Spanish language version, as I am presently in Venezuela) and my laptop, (Vista Premium - English language version) and soon discovered that the system works perfectly. My IP address is now shown as UK and I am enjoying iPlayer, ITV player and F1 videos with absolute impunity and no speed penalties whatsoever. Life is now good. I highly recommend a visit to HideIpVPN where you can check prices and judge for yourselves, I would be very surprised if serious visitors to the site left without placing an order, as the quality of service is second to none whilst the subscription prices are far lower than the competition.