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Hide My Ass! – VPN consumer review – 13813
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The Funky Buddha
In 2011-11-14 06:34:00

I have been using HMA Pro for about 14months, the overall service is good with a wide range of international servers, I have found that bandwidth is restricted/narrowed whilst behind the VPN but still have no problems with uninterrupted TV (for the most part) even in full HD whether at home with my 100MB line or at work with only 3MB. I say for the most part because when a server becomes very busy it has a habit of disconnecting you for about 20 seconds before automatically reconnecting, this happens to me once or twice a week, but given the low price of the service, I can live with it.  Handy tip for recieving US TV from the UK ie. Netflix (US) and Vudu, sign up for a PAYG Visa with Entropay and a US PO Box with Bundlebox and you'll have no problem subscribing to their premium content with a full Zip Code, postal address and landline number, this unfortunately doesn't work with HULU+ as they won't accept an Entropay Visa card or UK Pay Pal, why I have no idea, maybe our money isn't good enough! I'm still looking for a way to subscribe, I'll let you all know when I've found it. Also if your in the UK and have an NFL Game Pass subscription and are tired of games showing 'Blackout' due to the broadcast restrictions in the UK (Thanks, Mr Murdoch) just switch server to a country that Rupert Murdoch hasn't yet invaded like Romania then there'll be no Blocked games even during the Play Offs! Wunderbar! My only suggestion to the guys at HMA to improve the service is increase the bandwidth.