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Hide My Ass! – VPN consumer review – 13560
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In 2011-07-07 16:08:00

I find HidemyassVPN very useful to watch Hulu and other US-Only content while on France. I use it on my computer over my regular Internet connection and I also use it on my iPhone over 3G, it works great and the speed at which is working is better than I expected it to be. Loading times are relatively small (sometimes I have to buffer for for a few minutes before I can watch and episode without constant loading). Setup is also very easy, I've set it up on my Mac and also on an extra router I have, that way I can simply connect my xbox 360 to that router and use the netflix app without any extra configuration on the xbox 360, for me this is very important, it saves you time and hassle. Price is also a plus for Hidemyass, before paying for my subscription with Hidemyass I looked at other VPN services and they were more expensive, even if just a few dollars. Highly recommended.