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Freedur – VPN consumer review – 10451
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Dirk Zelf
In 2010-10-19 10:07:46

There’s a couple of websites I can’t live without, and some of them are impossible to reach from my adopted hometown in China. I’ve used other VPNs for several years and felt pretty clever for still being able to ‘jump the Great Fire Wall’ even thought the service got slower and slower. I blamed a slow connection in my apartment building and an increasing number of expats getting on the VPN bandwagon. A few weeks ago a friend convinced me to give Freedur a try. I set it up – very easy – and couldn’t believe my eyes: for the first time in two years Facebook worked as if I was using it in my home country and I could *stream* YouTube right here on my couch! I have no idea how I lasted so long without Freedur. This is the best VPN service I know of for users in China: by far. PS I have only experienced a technical problem once when I suddenly couldn’t get online through Freedur anymore after a power outage. I used the instant-messenger service through the VPN website to talk to one of the technical support technicians. Without having to wait she very quickly helped me find the problem – which turned out to be with my router, not with Freedur. Problem solved within five minutes of chat. Excellent.