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BlackVPN – VPN consumer review – 11365
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In 2010-12-15 18:03:38

I'm using BlackVPN for about one month now. Mainly I use the VPN connection to watch free US-Shows via hulu, cbs or other sites. Since now, it was a great deal. I got three months for the price of one, due to entering a referal code. Just wanted to try how it works and i thought, for this price i got nothing to loose :) So, i never had problems connecting to the BlackVPN Servers. They were always reachable. The speed is quite good. During the "online-watching-primetime" from 8pm to 12pm, sometimes the shows need to be buffered or watched in lower quality. But this is really unusual. More commonly is, that the advertisings that break the shows frequently almost always needs to be buffered. This extends the 30-sec breaks sometimes into 1-min breaks. But hey, you got the access to the latest us-shows and its legal! :) I couldn't get the mac built in vpn software to connect to the BlackVPN Servers. But with the tutorial of the BlackVPN Sites it was no problem to configure the third-party software "tunnelblick" to connect to the servers. As i payed via PayPal i could connect and watch some shows in a few minutes after purchasing my account. It's a good thing, BlackVPN sends me mails, where i get informations on getting more free Months - like writing this review, no matter if it's positive or negative.