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BlackVPN – VPN consumer review – 10288
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Marius D.
In 2010-10-17 21:21:17

This VPN provider isn't bad at all. I'm from germany and have the USA package. First the negative aspects : - Sometimes it's really slow .. with really slow I mean a bad ping and slow download/upload speed (20-60 kbyte/s) - Sometimes it's disconnecting you for no reason. Yea ... that's almost all. Positiv aspects : - Normaly good speed, sometimes really fast for a usa vpn! (500+ kb/s) - Very good price-performance ratio - Payable via PayPal! - Very fast login. - A very big ip range. As you can read, the negatives always start with sometimes. To say it short -> this service is good, sometimes a bit slow, but overall simly good. P.s. : Never needed the support.