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BlackVPN review – 153
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Gabriel - Canada
In 2010-08-11 12:38:09

BlackVPN is quite great and the support is amazingly fast! Speed - I don't max out the connection I have at my job (10 Mbps dl) but I get quite near it and at home I don't even notice a difference! Also, gaming is still possible with this vpn as I only get a small bump in pings depending of the location. Reliability - They're quite reliable, however I've been disconnected somewhat 4-5 times, however I can reconnect quite quickly except one case where it took around 10 minutes. Support - Support is great, they usually send me an answer back in the SAME (business) day!!! Price - It's a bit pricey in Canada due to this euro/cad conversion. I'm satisfied but I would like to see cad or us dollars.