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Astrill – VPN consumer review – 14696
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In 2013-03-23 09:32:00

A summary of service (after almost 2 years of using it): 1) First year speed was very decent ; second year when changes to Great China Firewall (GCF) were implemented OpenVPN stopped working. It took them about 3 month to come up with StealthVPN and during that time clients were not able to tunnel internet traffic. Trusting this guys that it will be fixed I did extend my subscription for next year. Well, fix was implemented but is paid additionaly (working most of the time as well). What was outrageous after fix was implemented was that new customers were getting fix for free for a certain period of time BUT all customers were asked to pay for all of it (read: scre**d in the a**). 2) For simple questions customer service works good ; for more complicated it takes time. 3) Sellected Ratings I asked them a question how can I post a review (as over a year customer I thought that I've earn that right). Seeng on their WWW so many very happy customers reviews (and none in the middle nor not happy) made me thinking how it's possible? After question was asked I was asked instantly why I want to do that. During a conversation it came out that Astrill is 'selecting' reviews that are to be shown. Well, you can judge it by yourself but for me it's at least information manipulation... 4) At the moment, as for China: OpenWeb is mostly working (but it's slower than it was before and in some provinces there are problems with connecting to Astrill servers) ; OpenVPN is useless, StealthVPN is working but at about half of OpenWeb speed and is additionaly paid (even to customers that enrolled before GCF was changed....) 5) As there is no refund if something changes and you can't use the service anymore you're screwed. Astrill does failed to provide current customers fix free of charge so they can use the service they paid for upfront in the same way they did when enrolling. Astrill's answer was: StealthVPN it's more secured and computing power is not free = you want the fix, pay again. I would recommend to look for an alternative VPN provider that knows how to care about loyal, multiuser client. To be true, I do that at the moment.