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Astrill – VPN consumer review – 13058
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In 2011-03-16 05:13:00

Astrill baffles me completely. I am not going to start saying that the performance of the VPN is poor as I had the service for approximately three or four hours, and in that time it seemed to be working altough that is not exactly much time to give an opinion with any accuracy. What did happen however was that I logged back on and found the VPN was disabled. A message popped up stating something about fraudulent activity so I contacted live support. They said it was something to do with the address used on the account, which I assumed was due to the fact that when I signed up I entered my current campus address in China, then after realising my Paypal account was registered under my UK address, changed it. I contacted them via Paypal to which they did not respond as well as sending them an email via the registered email address with paypal, which was also the email used to sign up and they did not respond their either. The money was refunded and service terminated. I have thus far sent a number of emails to them at their billing email address, none of which have been responded to. I have basically sai that whatever they require me to do in terms of procing the acount was not used fraudulently I can do but still nothing, live chat just say they cant help at all. Paypal say there is nothing that would suggest a fraudulent transaction unless I had logged into Paypal, seen a transaction I did not recognise and raised a dispute over it. That is not what was done so have basically been left completely confused as to their action, especially when they flat refuse to even discuss the matter, I find that very very weird indeed. Teach support did say that billing were going to get in touch with me so I basically ended up wasting even more time than I already had by not looking into services from another provider. So far they have still not bothered to even acknowledge any emails sent, never mind discuss the matter so as far as I am concerned they have given my wife and I the complete run around, purposely jerking us around. The reasons are obviously only known to them of course but it must be nice to be able to put yourself on such a high pedestal that they think their service is "soooo great' that they can pick and choose exactly which business they want. Guess what, I got news for you, your service is average. It is not really any better than many other VPN's around who also offer multiple servers in a range of countries, and at the same prices. They all offer the same protocols for connection and the only real difference I can see is that you may use a piece of software like Tunnelblick or Viscosity to access the service as opposed to the software they provide. The only advantage of their software over other alternatives that can be seen is the media recorder, well software like that is available elsewhere so no big deal there. I do not understand Astrill, it makes no sense to me whatsoever but I have sought service elsewhere and am running trials for those as I speak so the only looser in this saga are Astril, one on account of not securing my business which would have probably extended for years to come and two, the fact that I now post this saga on review sites for wouldbe customers to read prior to making a decision to purchase. If you want a service that is going to screw you around for no apparent reason and then refuse to even discuss the matter, choose Astril If you want a service that are reliable and happy for your business then choose someone else, pretty much everyone is offering the same kind of deals so its six and two threes in some respects as to which provider you go for. As for Astrill, you can shove your way to stars along with your high & mighty picky attitude.