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Astrill – VPN consumer review – 10707
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In 2010-11-11 20:34:37

I've been using astrill nearly a year, my friend was invited me to use VPN Astrill on beta version at that time. I work as regional commuter on Middle east, many sites blocked by the IT, since I use a free trial Astrill, really amazing, I can browse any where, the IT from my company can't trace me any more. Then I purchase for a year subscription was greatly discounted for a year offer less than $30 at the time. From time to time astrill have been improved and VPN server/IP location have been added, now 9 countries with unlimited and free switch or location. Astrill is a professional VPN, fast and secure VPN that protect our privacy online. Astrill makes my internet activity completely covered & safe Thanks Astrill, keep it up, and keep the price as low as you can :)