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Astrill – VPN consumer review – 10705
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In 2010-11-11 19:13:05

I have tested 2 VPN services in the past: VyprVPN and AceVPN. Needless to say I wasn't satisfied with both of them. Either one lacked speed (download/upload) or didn't have lots of servers across the world. I mainly needed a French server which is part of the most expensive package most of the time in most VPN providers (StrongVPN for example). Astrill takes all the pros of those other providers and provides it at a cheaper price than all of them. Astrill supports the full speed of my internet connection without an itch (50Mb so yes I'm basically downloading at 4.5MB/s), has many servers across the world (including France and on both OpenVPN/OpenWEB) at a mere $5/month. I even bought a 2nd account for my other computer as it's so cheap. Service has been reliable and support is fast. They provide a lot of updates through their website and Twitter so you're never left in the dark. I feel blessed that my friend told me about Astrill :)