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Astrill – VPN consumer review – 10696
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In 2010-11-11 17:36:52

i am a Chinese,i live in a country where the youtube,twitter,facebook,even blogspot,myspace,BBC,ABC are blocked. Any message on internet that criticizes the goverment will be deleted by the goverment department.So you know the truth that in China there's no Freedom of speech. The Chinese human rights are not protected. Thanks to Astrill,it help me to climb over the GFW(the Great FireWall),it help me to go into the real world, it help me to say hello to the world.Maybe the most important thing is that i can watch my favorite band and learn my guitar on youtube. Astrill is so important for me now, i can't imagine the life surfing internet without it.In another word, Astrill help me the know the truth.