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SmartVPN – VPN consumer review – 13810
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In 2011-11-10 19:09:00

DOES NOT WORK, NO SUPPORT. I recently bought 1 month of Smart VPN to use as a trial before going with a longer 12 month subscription, so that I could test the speed and reliability first. I followed their instructions from their web site to get set up (I understand French) and could only get an error message. It would not work. I tried to email and phone their support but was unable to reach anybody on their support phone # or get any response whatsoever to my many emails. I never was able to connect to their VPN service or get any assistance before my 1 month expired. I totally wasted my money, but that's why I only tried for 1 month first. You should NOT BUY SMART VPN they should call themselves STUPID AND USELSS VPN instead!