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Ivacy – VPN consumer review – 13875
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In 2012-01-08 23:36:00

This VPN is garbage. Their payment processors are useless. You have: 1 - Plimus for CC's which make you jump through a number of hoops or just reject your CC. Google Plimus!! 2 - PayPla, which sends them a payment but they do NOT acknowledge it. In other words, IVACY is a scam. 3 - UKash, which is not available in most countries. 4 - MicroPayment which is not available for most users. Other than that, they do not support their customers, they do not answer e-mails, they do not do ANYTHING to help you. Their web software is incomplete and full of bugs. Their servers go up and down like yo-yos, and don't get me started on latency. STAY AWAY!!!