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Location: Canada
Founded: 2011
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TunnelBear allows you to tunnel to other countries around the world and experience the internet as users in those countries experience it…

Watch your favorite international media from anywhere!

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  • Gadgetman

    I have been using tunnelbear for a couple of weeks now. It only cost $4.99US. It is very primitive & basic & slow, but it does the job. However, I will not be renewing my subscription with them due to absence of support.The support is just non-existence. I have sent them two emails & no response for the last two weeks. If you are looking for a basic VPN, there are other options available for the very similar price.

  • SD

    I  agree with Gadetman.
    Tunnelbear is a terrible service. It might be ok for the useless 500mb free a month, but for those of us that pay the subscription it’s just too slow. In the 3 months I had it I couldn’t watch anything, and yet I reciebed no help from customer support. The money was withdrawn from my account though (on one occasion 10x the fee which I never got back) Be careful. I’m looking elsewhere.

  • Corporate Bear

    Hi Gadgetman, sorry to hear you didn’t have a great experience.  We’ve had a massive amount of traffic over the last couple weeks after glowing reviews from Lifehacker, PC World, Huffington Post, etc.   

    We’ve since beefed up our support staff and our infrastructure.  We’d love for you to give us another try in the future.  I think you’ll like what you get.    
    SD – If you can report this issue to we’ll absolutely correct any issues you might have had. I’m not quite how we could have charged you 10X more than normal, but we’ll certainly correct it.   
    Best Regards,   -Corp Bear (aka Ryan)TunnelBear CoFounder

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