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Super VPN
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Super VPN
Location: United-States
Founded: 2010
Super VPN User Reviews

Super VPN Service offer paid and free vpn services which provide you anonymous web surfing solution without provider logs for personal and business use.

Super VPN was founded in 2010 by an enthusiastic team of IT professionals which already provide successfully web hosting services since 2002. Our success is due to our profound technical expertise and unmatched quality of our customer care.

Our main VPN servers are located in Houston, Texas and our VPS and VPN dedicated servers are in Chicago, Illinois and Ashburn, Virginia, USA. We also have large number of VPN servers located in almost every country in world which have needs for that kind of services.

We have chosen our current data-centers after careful investigation, as they have proven to be among the most reliable in the USA. The continuous monitoring, upgrading and securing of the servers are performed by the highly qualified team of Super VPN system administrators.

User reviews

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  • Joe

    I am loving catching up on all the UK programs I miss!
    Easy to install and use and i have no issues on my laptop.
    I do find it a little slow on the Ipad but not so slow as to really bother me!

  • Ahmed

    I am from Iran.Super VPN is first VPN provider which provide me to connect from my country without any problem.
    Support is great and speed is also perfect.
    I suggest them for anyone which looking VPN.

  • Keshi

    Great VPN provider.They offer servers in 16 countries for only 8$!!
    Support is also very fine.

  • Marcos

    Very good vpn provider with great service and speed.

  • Leo

    Paid and have not gotten a confirmation email from this VPN provider. Contacted the VPN company and nothing.

  • Louis Routledge

    Blazing fast, great value and allows me to keep using Skype and MobileMe whilst out on the road touring. Also lets me maintain a secure connection on a public WiFi access point. Simply the best!
    Support is always wonderful as they are fast to reply with a solution! Simple to use and works on all my devices.

  • Fernando Kreutz

    Super VPN is awsome. The consumer support just works! The best ever!

  • Johny Nox

    The Service of “Super VPN” ist the best Service ever!
    They have a realy friendly staff.

    The page have a really nice design and all of them is very professional.

    The Speed of the VPN is awsome.
    The prices are great!

    And that they give some the chance to get a “free VPN” is very fine.

    SuperVPN is the best what you can do.

    Der Service von Super VPN ist der beste Service aller Zeiten!
    Sie haben sehr freundliches Personal.

    Sie haben ein sehr schönes Design und in allem wirkt es sehr professionell.

    Der Speed des VPN ist unglaublich!
    Die Preise sind super.

    Und dass sie einem die Chance geben einen “VPN umsonst” zu bekommen ist sehr nett.

    Super VPN ist das Beste was du machen kannst!!!

    mfg. Johny NOX

  • Meftah Tayeb

    supervpn is very cool!
    fast, start, easy
    good support, nice web site and people!
    try it out;)

  • Gene

    Finally able to enjoy streaming video from website such as Youtube with full speed!
    Blocked website are now accessible again!
    Anonymous surfing and excellent download speed with unlimited bandwidth limit!
    MSN and Skype is now working as usual!

    With Super VPN we can finally enjoy our internet with full freedom again!
    Pricing start from as cheap as 4$..look no further! Subscribe today and enjoy the benefit.

  • Mark J

    This is only VPN provider which gives you everything without restrictions with Free VPN account.I was free vpn user and now I am in paid.Support is incredible because I though that no one will answer on my emails since I get account for free, but they answer you as you are paid user.
    My recommendation!

  • Behzad

    very good

  • Hans

    I am very satisfied with this company.They give you for only 8 usd access to 14 servers in 14 countries.So far I do not know any company with similar offer.
    Support is also good.

  • Ana Maria

    I am very satisfied with their services.Stable, a lot of servers and cheap.

  • Mike Wan

    謝謝SUPER VPN送給我1年的免費服務!!^O^
    持續推廣中~~SUPER VPN GOGOGO~

  • Siraj Mashood

    Its a really great VPN offering paid and free VPN services.

    The website is extremely easy to navigate and has all the information on the website which allows you to know everything from the first day!

    The services they provide are really great the VPN service is superb! never had anything like it internet is incredibly fast no slow down at all.

    The support is just incredible they are friendly and rely back to your e-mails in a few hours max.

    A really great VPN Service!

  • Gabriele

    Good VPN service, very good customer care!

  • aPpLeSiA

    1st, the website have a good look, make me feel comfortable.
    2nd, the download speed and upload speed is good enough for normal user.
    3rd, support are good as they respond within 24hr and the solution provided are clear
    4th, pptp and openvpn are connect and forget.

    Overall, good interface and easy to configure and connect.

  • aPpLeSiA

    Best VPN i have used.
    It win VPNreactor and many other VPN provider.
    Like the website and the support is fast.

  • Tamer Abdelsalam

    Super VPN is the best VPN service in comparison to its competitors.

    It is really provides excellent service allowing customer to easy access the blocked VoIP and other sites.

    I recommend Super VPN to every one .. enjoy yhe service.

  • Ahmed

    The Vpn service has unlimited transfer,no limit,no speed restriction(most vpn have speed restriction which i hate) and is even available for my mobile devices!,i dont have to buy a seperate vpn for my mobile..and finally the price is completely affordable

  • XGeneration

    SuperVPN is so cool! he process of registeration takes only a few seconds. I guss SuperVPN is what you could ever imagine: You just surf with peace of mind kowing that you are provided with reliable service and quick suppoert behind you in case you urgently need it. You don’t have to wait any more get down on it and give it a try.

  • ahmet cicek

    super vpn best and fast services.i really enjoy this service. totaly satisfied.
    web site using is very easy and fast.they are very quick answer any question.
    I suggest them for anyone which looking VPN.
    freedom never been cheap. but with super vpn now almost free.

    ayrıca super vpn cok hızlı cok guzel bir arabirime sahip.servis kalitesi mukemmel.herkese tavsiye ederim. ozgurluk hic bu kadar ucuz olmamıstı.
    şimdi super vpn ile neredeyse bedava.

  • Michael

    I just order SUPER VPN according to previous people’s review but it is not work here. I think SUPER VPN IP address can be blocked by my ISP provider. After I connected through SUPER VPN server, I can’t access internet at all.

    I discussed with a tech guy a couple hours, can’t solve my problem. The guy sounds blame me……….I never meet company like this.

    It was very frustrated experience with SUPER VPN.

  • Michael

    SUPER VPN may work with other location but not for me.

    I hope SUPER VPN can improve their service and support.


    The freeVPN is useless. Cannot connect to the internet and the blame website like google saying that their firewall block it.. They did not wait to admit that is their server fault.. The free VPN is not FREE, we are just need to follow some step they requested and obtain the free account. All the step are just saying good review, like all the previous review that claim that superVPN is the best. But in fact, it is not. The VPN is a total rubbish… ZERO STAR!!

    It i could give a zero rating..

  • Taher Kord

    The page have a really nice design and all of them is very professional.

    The Speed of the VPN is awsome.
    The prices are great!

  • Mohammad Hossein

    I can just say it is good vpn which provides free service for iranian and help them to surf the web.
    There is a lot of other vpns which say we are free but they need credit card and stuff like that but this vpn is honest and trustful.
    Actually I didn’t try it by myself, I just now going to order it. but I hear that it is good enough and have 24 hours access.
    If I were you I test it once at least.

  • Belrentacar

    Great services! I researched appropriate VPN service and I found Super VPN  and I must admit I am very satisfied! Their services are highly effective and affordable!

  • Nency

    I use this service and so far the experience has been great! With it I can easily access any blocked site, watch TV online, listen radio, access Flickr, YouTube, use Skype if it is blocked and more.
    Best regards

  • Jennifer

    This vpn service is great! I use it and I am very pleased with them! With it I can easily access any blocked site..
    The best vpn of all!

  • Tom

    Worst service ever. Despite saying they have a server in Switzerland, they dont have. Their refund policy sucks. Stay away from them. There are many more, much better ones out there.

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