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Location: Islamic Republic of Iran
Founded: 2009
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SecureWay uses Mikrotik And IBSng to achive maximum security in the network. Protect the privacy of our users, this is achived by not logging any data that has the possibility to show what a particular user has been up to at a particular time. This way SecureWay are not able to disclose any such information to third parties.

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  • farzad

    best !

  • RedFox

    Speed and price are very high and Security
    Iran has many supporters
    Send account some days was 30 seconds
    I’m downloading the torrent
    No limits Speed and bandwidth

  • charlie

    cheap rate , unlimited bandwidth , instant support ,professional website , professional manager

  • Farjadvf

    in 2 saate gheyre faaal boodan nemikhad bad az 5 rooz tamoo she !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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