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Location: Sweden
Founded: 2009
Privacyio User Reviews is a modern, fast growing business dedicated to providing encryption and anonymity for our clients internet usage., in partnership with Portlane AB, is an international business aiming to provide VPN services to as many countries as possible. was created in response to increasing infringement in areas of privacy while using the internet. The internet should be able to be used as you want, the usage should not be filtered or censored by anyone externally. Not only that, but as access to technology increases and technology itself improves, the methods people can use to abuse your rights also multiply. VPN aims to protect the users interests as much as possible.

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  • Damien

    Compagnie VPN très fiable, avec une aide rapide et accueillante. Ils utilisent le réseau Portlane en Suède, qui est bien connue pour être un fournisseur internet protégeant la vie privée. Malheureusement, le partage avec mon fournisseur internet (Orange) est mauvais, ce qui a pour résultat une vitesse assez mauvaise.

  • Saddie

    I purchased their product a couple of days ago and still have not been able to connect. Frustrating experience so far and customer support has a 1 day lag and then they reply to my detailed inquiry with a useless one line response. I’ll try for another couple of hours and then chalk it up to you get what you pay for and this has been crap.

  • ADom89

    I was never able to use this product. They don’t have one click install, you need to go in to your computer’s control panel AND change your router settings to use PrivacyIO’s VPN. Counter intuitive. “Hi library or communist regime, can I change your router settings? I need to install PrivacyIO so that I can access unapproved content.” I guess that is why the price is so low, not worth getting your blood pressure over a $7 charge. Hint…Search for a company that doesn’t log and doesn’t need router access to configure.

  • Herb Asher

    Set VPN up in 3 minutes as per their guide. Not sure why the below peeps had so many problems but as they are old reviews perhaps things have improved a lot since then.

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