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Website: (EN, DE, RU, LT)
Location: Panama
Founded: 2008
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NordVPN is a brand of Tefincom co S.A. – a company that has offered dedicated servers, web hosting and web solutions since 2008. In response to the growing public demand for online privacy and secure browsing, we have launched NordVPN – a fast, secure and affordable VPN service. NordVPN works at the TCP/IP level, which means that all of your applications will be secured and protected, not just your web browser. And because we’ve designed the NordVPN service to work instantly with the technology already installed on your computer and smartphone, you can enjoy the benefits of your own Virtual Private Network in minutes, for less than a penny (Euro cent) per day. To sump up, no logging, no slowdowns, hardly any disconnects if at all, nice encryption, offshore servers and just 4.90 dollars a month.

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  • Albert

    Great provider and very friendly support. Thanks!

  • jevsb

    The speed is fast and there are no connection drops. NordVPN has the best service I have ever tried.

  • snman

    I have been using hma for a while but I switched to nordvpn. The main thing why I did this is that they accept torrents and I can easily download from the pirate bay and you cannot do that in other vpns. What’s more other websites uses some kind of low-end solutions which drops packets and the connection is unstable. These guys use Vyatta which is a very powerful tool for managing networking. I asked the guys about udp ports and they responded me quickly and in a very professional way, highly recommended service.

  • Nico

    I am from Germany and in Germany if you download torrents you get a fine for around ~1000 EUR! While allows you download torrents i switched to this provider. btw the speed from TPB is 60 Mbps..

  • John

    good value for good price, do recommend

  • Karolis Toleikis

    One of the best VPN provider in Lithuania :) Very good support.

  • Tabar Silic

    I was having difficult time to choose a VPN provider. After long time of thinking I chose NordVPN and do not regret at all. Good speeds, nice encryption. Recommend with all my heart to everyone.

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