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Blacklogic Inc. was established in October 2006 in Toronto, Canada

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  • Kevin

    WARNING: Black Logic is using a bait and switch SCAM to trick new customers. They have a special offer on their home page with “Subscribe Now and get a Free iPod!” and a picture of an iPod Touch.

    I signed up for an Unmetered Global VPN account and I did NOT get a free iPod.

    Now that I read the fine print I see that even though they show an iPod Touch they will only give you an iPod Shuffle 2GB and only if you buy their most expensive VPN Router + 1 year Service for $300!!

    What a scam showing an iPod Touch and only giving a crappy iPod Shuffle.

    Not happy.

  • Bob (UAE)

    Good service so far. Enjoying Skype from the UAE.
    Thumbs up for Blacklogic VPN

  • Rory

    Connection speed and quality is okay (but that’s it)

    Customer support is simply non existent

    EXTREMELY disappointing, I will never recommend this company to anyone

    You’ve been warned

  • Andrew

    Awesome VPN service. Their servers are available worldwide.
    Speed – 5 stars
    Security – 5 stars
    Support – 4 stars
    Price – 4 stars

  • Pete

    The account activated 5 days after initiation. The site says 2 days. I then wrote to cancel the account and refund the money as I had gone to another provider that didn’t take 5 days to activate.. I didnt get a response so I sent another email with no response and another. 13 days later I finally receive a response and a refusal to refund the money or cancel the account. Then I receive an email 19 days after this from my credit card saying there were some questionable charges on my account. I am assuming it is from this transaction and Visa is currently investigating.DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE. SPEND YOUR MONEY ELSEWHERE.TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICEAWFUL RESPONSE TIME

  • SavvyComputerUser

    BlackLogic should be avoided. Their service doesn’t work, they are not responsive when there is a problem, it took 2 days to set up the account, and when a customer asks for a refund they fight you on it. Luckily the payment processing company stepped up and helped to get a PARTIAL refund after never getting the service to work. Arrghhh!!  Avoid the hassle and us a reputable provider like HMA.

  • Guest

    I disagree with some negative comments below. Blacklogic works for me and is always available.

  • Anon


    Customer support rude and arrogant

    Frequent disconnections

    Service has been on the decline for years

    You would have to be a lunatic to sign up to this service in 2012.

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