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Location: United-States
Founded: 2009
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We provide our customers with secured data transfer and also protection against remote attacks. We provide full direct access to any Internet segment regardless of your ISPs limitations.

It’s this way that we keep your privacy.

Opportunities provided by our service:

Setting up of the secured encrypted channel from your computer to our VPN servers provides:

Complete confidentiality of your Internet traffic, even from your ISP.
Being absolutely anonymous in public service networks such as Wi-Fi public areas, hotels, cruises, cyber cafes, schools and universities, otherwise your e-mail, ftp, on-line banking and e-shops access passwords could be easily stolen by hackers.
Open access for you to any blocked transfer protocols including VoIP/ SMTP/ POP3/ IMAP4/ FTP/ SSH/ HTTP/ HTTPS/ ICQ/ TORRENT/ P2P, and any social networks and services wherever you are, in any network.
Easily enjoy Online Poker and other games.
Protection against attacks on your DNS, phishing, nuking, DDoS and other popular attacks.
Secure high speed connection to any Internet resources as our servers have gigabit speed connection.
Keeping your real IP and DNS completely hidden.
If you use online banking or carry out any other actions related to financial transactions on the Internet then VPN can give you the security you need.

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  • rolex

    отличный сервис, отличная утилита прилагается.

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