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Location: Hong-Kong
Founded: 2009
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12vpn™ is the trademark for the consumer VPN services of Anuson Limited, a western owned Internet services company incorporated in Hong Kong.

Our VPN services aim to provide you with a safe and convenient way to access the Internet.
Every day, thousands of expats, travelers and mobile users world-wide enjoy a safe and unrestricted Internet. With 12vpn™ they are able to secure their Internet connection and break free of artificial restrictions. Supporting the broadest range of platforms and VPN protocols, 12vpn™ has quickly become the worlds most popular VPN service among expats, travelers and mobile users.
With 12vpn™ you’ll be able check your e-mail and use the Internet at that nice coffee shop, without worrying about safety. You’ll be able to keep in touch with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, etc. without running into blocked websites. Enjoy the Internet like you do at home – worry-free and without restrictions!

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  • Richie Ambience

    Its unbelievable, but finally I found a service which provides everything you were waiting for: 100% recommendable!

  • abz1353

    thanks for all kind to me.,

    this vpn is very good and no problem to now i hope so sucsses full in your life &your work,


  • jim

    I am using 12vpn for quite a while now. From Northern China (Beijing actually) very good speeds, although most of their servers are far away (non in Asia). Ultra easy set-up, very quick connecting to servers, a lot of servers to chose from. Also very reliable. Can’t tell anything abouth the service, never used. Bear in mind, no P2P, i.e. utorrent does not work properly.

  • Weirdshanghai

    12vpn have been great for me this year. HOWEVER !!! BUT!! they increased the price from 39.99 > 129.99 a year.
    JUST AVOID THEM.. they ignore emails/requests for comments, and just jacked up the price. And stopped taking emails, calls and support from their customers in china and other places. bye bye losers. too bad i used to love them.

  • 12vpn

    There never was an annual plan for $39.99. Only $35 and $69.99. The $35 plan cannot be renewed at the moment, the $69.99 plan however can without issue.

    Please remind us which of your e-mails we did not reply, because they all show as replied here. Thanks.

  • Weirdshanghai

    since when are you 69.99 a year. you are now charging 129.99 a year.

  • Weirdshanghai

    they are generally good, they prices were also quite good, now their pricing is not that great, however in china they are have no end of problems, so just avoid them if your living in mainland china. their tech support is GREAT. I’m sure they will work though things. would gladly stay with them but at 129.99 a year… well….

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